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Grand Marketing, Inc.


Social Media Marketing

This strategic process is engaging and exciting for your selected targeted audience.  Brands need original mass appeal ideas that are strategically aligned with the audience the client is targeting.  This will result in an accurate review and feedback of the client's brand.  The client can use this valuable information to put their marketing plan to effectively meet the needs and demands of the clients target audience as it relates to the client's brand.

-Assessing the Social Media Market

-Develop a customized marketing plan to help you meet your goal

-Strategy for Growth

-Product Extensions

-Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing Programs

-Case Study Development

Website Content

We will review your current website and provide recommendations as needed.  We will review the website for spelling and grammar errors.  Also, we will provide recommendations for additional content and the flow of content.  


Customer Relationship Management

For optimal sales effectiveness, you need a tool that captures information about each and every interactive with our audience/customers to integrate into your marketing program and build customer relationships.

-Data Analysis Services

-Customer Database Creation

-Much More

Branding Development
Whether you have a new product/service or trying to revitalize your brand, we help our clients create a strong and lasting brand and rememberable product/service.  We help our clients develop brand positioning and identifiers that are meaningful and speak directly to your target audience.  Our "Power Branding" process will successfully help clients develop highly successful messaging strategies.  

-New Product/Service Branding

-Establishing/Re-Vitalized your Brand

-Strategic and Research